How A Passion for Writing Developed

Why I’m Launching This Blog with Writing Tips… I was recently looking through photos in a family album as nostalgia hit, but in the process, I stumbled upon on a particular photo of my writing “journey.” Mom used to compile photo albums, and a few years ago, she gave me one as a birthday present. The album consists of[…]

Speaking at the Social Tools Summit

I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be speaking at the Social Tools Summit in Boston on behalf of, where I work as a communications and social media strategist! This is my first Social Media Summit and I cannot wait to share insights, learn about (new) tools and hear from other speakers. I’ll be on multiple panels[…]

Moving the blog

Dear readers, I am grateful that you’ve followed me along my travel journey on the blog. However, I’ve made the decision to create an exclusive blog focused on cultural travel experiences on an entirely new website. This community site allows others to contribute blog post ideas, and share travels with fellow bloggers. If you are looking for the blog,[…]